For over 20 years, Cleve Moore has loved, grown, and eaten his own SWEET CORN from the fields. Starting in 1993, Cleve sold SWEET CORN to area friends and at the market during mid-summer. As his family grew, so did the sweet corn business. Over the past 5 years, Moore Farms SWEET CORN has become a favorite of many East Texans. In 2007, our markets expanded to serve the Dallas area too. Farm friends from all over, including friends from the famous mid-west corn-belt, give rave reviews each year.

SWEET CORN season starts around the last week of May each year. Moore Farms currently grows approximately 20 acres of SWEET CORN and 3 different varieties. The most popular being the SUPER SWEET BI-COLOR main season corn.




Stop Sweet Corn Abuse
For all of our SWEET CORN lovers, we offer the following ‘NIBLETS’ to help prevent SWEET CORN abuse. Remember FRESH MOORE FARMS SWEET CORN is the best tasting when eaten within 48 of purchase. The following are not the ONLY ways to enjoy MOORE FARMS SWEET CORN, they just happen to be the best!

  1. Refrigerate SWEET CORN IMMEDIATELY upon purchase. Doing so will help preserve the sweetness in every kernel.
  2. Prepare SWEET CORN within 48 hours of purchasing it from MOORE FARMS. The longer you wait to ‘shuck’ it, the more sugar it loses.
  3. Don’t over cook your SWEET CORN---it doesn’t take but a few minutes to get your SWEET CORN warm enough to melt your butter. Boil a pot of water, drop in the corn, boil for no more than 3 minutes. Slather in butter and enjoy!
  4. Freeze it?? Sure, SWEET CORN season on MOORE FARMS lasts only a short time. Keep that almost fresh SWEET CORN flavor in your freezer year round. BLANCH your SWEET CORN--- Stock up during the peak mid-June market days and use these tips:
b. If not freezing immediately, refrigerate.
c. Fill a large stockpot 2/3 full with water and bring to a boil.
d. Fill a large bowl 2/3 full with ICE WATER. e. Shuck corn and remove any silks gently with a vegetable brush.
f. After water is boiling, drop several ears of corn into water. Start timer—3 minutes
g. Remove immediately and place corn into ICE WATER BATH
h. Time ice bath for the exact time as boil—example—3 minutes boil=3 minutes ice bath.
i. Either pat dry and vacuum seal or wrap ears in plastic wrap and place in sealed plastic bags. To cook—drop frozen ears in boiling water for 3 minutes. Enjoy.
MOORE FARMS SUPER SWEET SWEET CORN when frozen properly, will keep in the freezer for 8-9 months with great results. Questions or need help with recipes, storage, or freezing? Contact Lesley Moore at moore_farms@yahoo.com

Customer Comments

Here are a few of the outstanding comments Moore Farm’s Sweet Corn garners:

Just wanted to let you know that the dozen ears of sweet corn we bought from you last Saturday at the Dallas Farmers Market were very good. The only thing better was when I grew up on the farm and we started boiling the water before going out to pick the sweet corn. Thanks for bringing your produce to the Dallas Farmers Market

Harry M.
Dallas, Texas

Your sweet corn was magnificent, and my family and I are hoping we can get some more at the Dallas farmer's market next week. We haven't had corn that good in quite a while! Enjoyed your web site also, and will hope to visit your farm one day. If you have an e-mailing list, we'd be pleased to be on it

Curt C.
Richardson, Texas

This morning we visited the stand selling your corn at the Dallas Farmers Market. We were with a lady named Lynda and she said that the corn was excellent. We purchased only 6 ears because we are hitting the road on Monday for Winter Park Colorado . The lady was correct—we really enjoyed the corn tonight for dinner. Thank you for all of your farming effort. We will visit the market again after our trip.

Thanks M
Plano, Texas

We met at the farmers market when I was buying some sweet corn and asked whether it would turn to starch if it wasn't refrigerated until it was eaten at dinner time. I remembered how wonderful your corn was last year and this year is the same. It's the best sweet corn I've had outside of Ohio. I love the South Tyler market, too!

Tyler, Texas

The corn I bought this morning is SUPER!! It's as good as the Missouri corn. I love so much!
Jessica C
Tyler, Texas

Thank You for the info. Your corn is the BEST!!!
Addison, Texas

Best corn in a long time!!!!
Judy and Dick R.
Flint, Texas

Thank you very much for your emails this summer. Please keep me on your email list for future crops. Your corn is so good!!!
Betty T.
Tyler, Texas

Cleve & Lesley, I wanted to pass on a compliment. My cooking group meets once a month. Last week everyone was praising the wonderful sweet corn they bought from Moore farms. One friend says that it is so good she cooks it in the microwave, as is, and eats it in hiding so she doesn't have to share. I will be on South Broadway on the 16th. I am looking forward to some sweet corn!
Rhonda B.
Tyler, Texas

We - former Iowans - bought your sweet corn at the Dallas farmer's market on Saturday and tried it today. It was delicious!! We'll be preparing it for guests this coming Saturday. How long is your season? We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Steve W.
Dallas, Texas